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northstar_logo2NorthStar is a mental health recovery program for adults living in the Portland metro area who have a serious mental illness. NorthStar follows the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD) model of psychosocial rehabilitation and standards.

NorthStar provides people living with the effects of mental illness an evidence-tested approach for respect, hope, stability, and resiliency. The clubhouse creates an avenue for social and economic benefits, and offers a safe place to alleviate stigma.



Supporters of NorthStar:

As many of you are aware, we have been searching for a new “home” for the NorthStar program to help it grow and thrive.  We spent the last few months exploring options to find the best fit, and…

It is with great excitement that we share the news that NorthStar is launching from
NAMI Multnomah and joining Luke-Dorf, Inc. on December 1, 2013!

Luke-Dorf is a well-established nonprofit mental health agency with a strong commitment to peer-delivered services and, specifically, to the Clubhouse Model. With a philosophy based on serving people holistically rather than simply “treating a diagnosis,” Luke-Dorf recognizes that traditional mental health services are only one piece of a puzzle. Peer supports, physical health care, housing, addictions treatment, and community integration are equally significant in helping those with mental illness live their best life.  NorthStar adds a critical piece to the puzzle for Luke-Dorf, and Luke-Dorf enables NorthStar to thrive and expand. We look forward to a long and healthy partnership!

What can you expect from here?

Same place, same times, same people: NorthStar will continue to operate at 5600 NE Glisan Street with the same days and hours. The wonderful staff remains in place, including Bill Waters as Program Director. The clubhouse will look and act largely as you now know it, but will be strengthened by the underlying foundation of Luke-Dorf, their wraparound services, and exciting opportunities for future growth.

NorthStar is grateful to NAMI Multnomah for the vision and energy to start the Portland area’s first clubhouse and for managing the program through its first three years. Mutual collaboration and referral between programs will continue.

How will you stay in touch?

We would love to continue to keep you up to date! To ensure that you are added to the NorthStar e-mail list for ongoing updates on our great program and future growth, please sign up here

And save the date!
The NorthStar Benefit Auction will be Thursday, April 10, 2014 at The Melody Ballroom. We hope to see you there!

Thank you for your support of NorthStar, NAMI Multnomah, and Luke-Dorf. We hope that you share our excitement about this next chapter in NorthStar’s growth!


Paul Lipscomb | Executive Director
NAMI Multnomah

John Trinh | CEO
Luke-Dorf, Inc.

Bill Waters | Program Director
NorthStar Clubhouse


Senator Avel Gordly has written a personal letter of support


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For more information about NorthStar: contact Bill Waters, program coordinator at
Call 971.271.7273

or take a look at the NorthStar Fact Sheet (PDF)

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