NorthStar Clubhouse


What is NorthStar Clubhouse?
NorthStar Clubhouse is a mental health recovery program for adults living in the Portland metro area. NorthStar Clubhouse follows the evidence-based Clubhouse International model of psychiatric rehabilitation (for more information please visit NorthStar’s structure strengthens social and vocational skills and provides access to employment and educational services in the community. Membership is voluntary and free.

What is the Clubhouse Model?
The Clubhouse model offers people living with mental health challenges hope and the opportunity to live a personally satisfying life. They operate under the guidance of proven Standards, developed by Clubhouse International, which are effective in over 320 Clubhouses in 33 countries.

The clubhouse operates on a work ordered day, in which we complete tasks within a specific order throughout the day. These tasks provide structure and meaningful work in order to help build up the self esteem and stamina needed to return back to work or school. For others, the structure provides a sense of meaning and a way to stay connected to a larger community, decreasing a feeling of isolation.

To learn more about NorthStar Clubhouse, please visit our website at or call us at (971) 271-7273.

Contact Us

NAMI Multnomah
524 NE 52nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97213
Fax: 503.235.8959
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Monday - Friday
10:00 am - 3:00 pm