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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with mental illness and their families through support, education, and advocacy. We are one of more than 1,100 local affiliates of the National Alliance on Mental Illness — focused directly on helping people in Multnomah County, Oregon.

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 Break the Silence, Break the Stigma Was a Hit

Thanks to Playback Theater Portland for an amazing night! Stories of mental health experiences were shared and then “played back” to the audience. It was a night of transformation, heart and laughter.

If you missed this performance in September, Playback has just released their new line up for the fall.

See their website:http://www.playbacktheaterpdx.com/

Playback Picture

Proceeds benefitted NAMI Multnomah & Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare


Get Trained to Help

The public is rapidly becoming aware of the need for new attitudes and approaches to mental health in our country. We recognize those of us with mental health issues have been stigmatized by the general attitude toward mental health. In the past, we have separated our mental well being from our physical health. Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties have joined together to create a one-stop gateway where community members can register for free mental health trainings. By visiting this website today and investing some of your time in a training, you are joining the movement to close the gap between physical and mental health.


Interested in Volunteering?

You can now show your interest in volunteering by applying on line!
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Portland Police Behavioral Health Unit

The Behavioral Health Unit representatives gave a presentation at our latest “Evening with The Expert.”  NAMI Multnomah thanks them for their work and appreciates the feedback from community and NAMI members. For more information see a new brochure Working Emergency Responders that lists important phone numbers and information about this unit.

ALSO the Service Coordination Team is a free program paid for by the City of Portland to help break the cycle of addiction, find housing, provide job training and mental health services.

Please call 503-823-0345 and ask for Sean or Emilty to get more information and to get started on the program.


Youth Advocates

Speak up and Empowerment video by Latino Network  shares their work training youth with lived experiences around mental health issues to be leaders and advocates. Click here for the video and more information.

Suicide Prevention and Improved Communication

Good communication between care providers and family members of patients seeking treatment for mental illness is imperative in order to improve the quality of care and reduces the risk of suicide for these patients. While confidentiality is a fundamental component of a therapeutic/medical relationship, misunderstandings by clinicians about the limitations created by HIPAA, FERPA, and state laws for preserving confidentiality have caused unnecessary concern regarding disclosure of relevant clinical information.

To address the misunderstandings and lack of clear communication, the Oregon Council on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry published a checklist for mental health providers in 2012.  The authors, Dr. Stewart Newman and Jerry Gabay (NAMI Oregon Board Member), have created a companion checklist to help families seek information from providers.

Suicide Prevention Communication Checklist for Providers (PDF File)

Suicide Prevention Communication Checklist for Families (PDF File)

I Have A Mental Health

Let’s normalize the notion that we all have a mental health!

Taking care of our mental health and addressing issues at the earliest signs or symptoms ought to be no more challenging than addressing a physical health concern.

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Upcoming Classes

All classes offered by NAMI Multnomah are offered free of charge, but preregistration is required. Please call our help line at 503-228-5692 with questions, to register or you can now register online.

Family to Family – For family members and loved ones of adults living with mental illness

Winter 2016

Saturday mornings in NE Portland for 12 weeks| 9:30am – 12:00pm

Jan. 9   – Mar. 26

Tuesday evenings in Gresham for 12 weeks| 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Jan. 5   – Mar. 29

Tuesday evenings at the VA Portland Health Care System for 13 weeks| 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Jan. 5   – Mar. 29

Wednesday evenings in NW Portland for 12 weeks| 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Jan. 5   – Mar. 22

Peer to Peer Recovery Education  Class – an experiential learning program for adults living with serious mental illness

Winter 2016

Saturday mornings in NE Portland for 10 weeks| 10:00am – 12:00pm
Jan. 9   – Mar. 12

NAMI Basics for parents and caregivers of Children & Adolescents is offered 3 times per year.   Click here for more information.


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People with Mental Illness Enrich Our Lives

Abraham Lincoln ~ Catherine Zeta Jones ~ John Nash ~ Ernest Hemingway

Lionel Aldridge ~ Carrie Fisher ~ Ludwig van Beethoven ~ Patty Duke

Harrison Ford ~ Kurt Cobain ~ Vincent Van Gogh ~ Winston Churchill ~

Michelangelo ~ Charles Dickens ~ Brandon Marshall ~ Macy Gray ~ Patrick J. Kennedy

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